The Digital Dojo - learn karate in the comfort of your home

Most of us are familiar with the physical benefits of activity and exercise.

Children need physical activity to build strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and endurance. However, physical activity and exercise also fosters brain development, increases attention and focus, and boosts confidence - promoting health and wellness.

When children are challenged with cognitive tasks that require lots of concentration and attentional control, individuals with higher aerobic fitness have performed with more accuracy, and often with faster reaction times.

When researchers have tested the effects of short-term exercise on children diagnosed with ADHD they found that aerobic activity resulted in greater response accuracy on attention tasks as well as a greater improvement on tests of reading comprehension and maths.

Many children are not able to experience physical education classes or structured after school classes at present. Additionally, with so many people working from home, there has been an increasing amount of time that both children and adults are sedentary, as well as an increase in the amount of screen time.

The Digital Dojo in conjunction with Moon Tigers Karate empowers students to achieve their full potential both mentally and physically. Our goal is to build strong minds, healthy bodies, good character and self-control.

The Digital Dojo is the perfect way to learn karate at home, giving students greater self-confidence, self-esteem, strength, flexibility, attention span and focus.

Children transitioning from Junior to Senior school, exploring the wider world and lone travelling for the first time, will benefit from the self-defense training offered, assisting them in recognising and avoiding potentially hazardous situations, offering added peace of mind to anxious parents.

With The Digital Dojo, the whole family can train together – the perfect way to bond in a shared activity that all can participate in.

Visit for full details of our training programme which also offers on-line gradings.

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