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Private Tuition


Private lessons for individuals and semi-private lessons for small groups are offered by Sensei. Whether you're looking to focus on certain aspects of your training, learn the syllabus more quickly, prepare for an up-coming grading, or to hone your skills for a tournament, a lesson plan can be made to accommodate your needs.

Private lessons are £60 per hour with a maximum of four participants where the cost can be shared. (Subject to availability and bookable as regular sessions).

Private tuition is also available via ZOOM, should you prefer to train in the privacy of your own home.  Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Street Safe Seminars     #dontbehelpless

Moon Tigers Karate offers all the traditional martial arts combat strategies and self defense techniques, applying them to real world situations.  

We offer 'Streetsafe - Streetaware' seminars for schools, youth and community groups, available across London, Surrey and Kent.   Equip your family with the skills to protect themselves if faced with a threatening situation.


Our Streetsafe seminars can also now be delivered via ZOOM. Contact or text: 07752 308235 for further details.


We have been accredited with the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts for added peace of mind when sourcing a club or booking a seminar.

Karate Parties


Sensei will come to your venue to conduct a basic karate lesson for you and your friends involving punches, kicks, blocks, pad striking, board breaking (reusable, so no mess!), self defence moves and karate based games. There will be a special pad that records how hard you hit it to test yourself and then improve on your high score, followed by a martial arts weapons demonstration. Parties are one and a half hours and cost £100. They are tailored to the appropriate age group and are Covid-19 safety aware.