Martial Arts Class

Clubs and Locations

Current Schools

  • Dulwich Karate Club

  • Dulwich Prep London

  • West Wickham Karate Club

  • West Ewell Karate Club

  • Rokeby Preparatory School

  • St Mark's Primary School, Bromley

  • Anerley Karate, Crystal Palace

  • Rosemead Preparatory School, Dulwich

  • Warren Mead Primary School, Banstead

  • St Bart's Primary School, Beckenham

Club Set Up

Moon Tigers Karate is generally set up as an extra-curricular recreational extension with lessons time-framed to meet the needs of individual schools.  This flexibility means classes can fit into available activity slots ranging from early morning, lunchtime and after school. 

A Moon Tigers Karate Club can be set up in your school with very little effort.  We handle all administration and simply ask for a large enough space to conduct the lessons e.g. gym or hall.  Even a good sized classroom could be used as furniture can be stacked away and will be replaced, in situ,  at the end of each session.

Students are separated into year groups or paired with a similar year group to ensure participants are roughly the same size.

An introductory Welcome Pack outlining details is available to each students.  This covers the initial attire, cost of lessons, grading structure, history of the art, its benefits and an application form for a Starter Pack which includes, for ease, everything a student needs to get going: karate gi (karate suit), a syllabus book, martial arts insurance/license, membership band and training guidelines.

Parents are invoiced at the beginning of each term.


If required, martial arts equipment is also available at discounted prices from your instructor. 

What About Covid-19?


All our classes are strictly run with safety in mind. This includes ensuring students use hand sanitiser before and after each lesson and classes are held with reference to current Government guidelines with equipment sanitised before and after each class. Nobody is allowed to train if they, or someone in their household, are showing symptoms of Covid-19.