Mental Well Being and Martial Arts

Children can have similar experiences with depression and anxiety as adults, especially when so much focus is placed on examination attainment. In addition, even if they are not depressed, it’s good to note that they can have bad days or be stressed out about something. You probably know how much better you feel when you exercise a mood away. Your mind is cleared, and you stop dwelling on whatever was bothering you.

If so many adults find physical activity to be a great outlet for forgetting about a bad mood, it stands to reason that children do as well. In fact, a number of studies have found physical activity to elevate children’s moods and relieve anxiety in children. The numerous benefits are:

Boosting your child's endorphin levels

Improving their self-confidence and self-esteem

Alleviating any anxiety

Reducing normal stress

Brightening their mood

Feeling of personal achievement

Although physical activity is not a cure for depression in adults or children, exercise has been shown to relieve some of the symptoms. It may well be the catalyst for overall mental health improvement.

Children with behavioural disorders like ADHD see improvements in their mental awareness and cognition when they are involved in exercise.

Many children are not interested in team sports, so a perfect activity can be found in martial arts, where your child will learn practical self-defence skills alongside all the social, emotional and physical benefits associated with martial arts.

At Moon Tigers Karate we welcome families to train together to engender a feeling of community, allowing parents to train alongside their children in a shared activity both in our community club lessons and online via The Digital Dojo. Our training programme is tailored to individual attainment and practitioners progress at their own pace without pressure. A Free trial lesson is offered to new joiners.

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